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Top 10 Halo Players of All Time

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CS is only where it is today because of micro-transactions and weapon skins. Don't forget that the CS scene was basically dead a couple of years ago. So the Quake/CS/Halo argument in general doesn't make much sense imo. Quake and other arena games simply haven't had the same type of support in recent years. 

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Haven't really read through most posts but seen a couple people put Naded in their top 10. I love the guy and what he's done for Halo, but if event wins is a dominant factor (I would say event wins should be 50% or more of ranking because winning is everything) then he obviously isn't in top 10


I would even venture to say that event wins when the series was at its peak should weigh more. So an H2-H3 tourney win should weigh more than an AGL tourney win.

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