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Crewman IX

F/A in Florida looking for a team.

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I go by Crewman IX which is my gamertag, but most call me Crewman. I have never officially competed in any events for pro gaming, and I have always been encouraged to do so, but because of my lack of confidence in myself I never tried.

I believe in myself now.

I'm looking to compete for HCS pro league. I'm looking for a steady group of four who are dedicated enough and mature enough to endure the trials of competing in the first place. This means I will not team up with fifteen year olds who cry and scream at their teammates every match when something goes wrong. I am a CL for a gaming community for Halo in my spare time as well as working delivering pizza. I do have time to practice and I'm more dedicated than ever to compete. If you are interested contact me on xbox by adding me. 

I look forward to the opportunity, 

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