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The SuperWaffle

Halo Reach Trick: Out of the Very End of Pillar of Autumn

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Getting out of the very end of the Pillar of Autumn has never been done before and was once thought impossible due to lack of resources. But today we prove it possible, not just one way, but with two ways of breaking the barrier! There are lots of cool things you can do with this trick, including AI manipulation, launches, and...

This area may look familiar to the area before the pelican lands where you use the armor lock and phantom to get out, but this is the area after Emile is killed and the Super Carrier is in the air. After the Cutscene, there is no Phantom to Armor lock on that will take you out of the map. The out of map area is pretty much the same but the lighting is different and the cruiser is there. Also you can get on the Phantoms that shoot at you while you are in the Mac Gun. We also found a few loading points the reloads earlier parts of the mission and it looks completely different with the new lighting.

So yeah! Enjoy if you guys want to, and be ready for some cool tricks on the way in post production and ones being underway and researched right now.

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