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F/A for Season 2, Lan events, Pro League!

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Just looking for a company/team that is seriously dedicated to competing in tournaments. My ideal goal is to play on the big stage and go pro if the opportunity presents itself. Im tired of playing with randoms. It's hard to take things seriously when trying to play with people that do not communicate, have no idea what there are doing and play for solo accolades.  I Had a team of players that had the same dream, but two have lost interest in halo 5 and one isn't consistent.  I have learned a lot from studying game footage of pros from gunfights, communication, and map control. From to studying gameplay, I have recently found out my weaknesses and understood them . Recently I have improved my shot,"stay alive skills", communication, and overall knowledge of halo competitive play. I have been on a break since March 1st due to moving, and will be back on halo 5 in the first week of april. I've been continuously studying game play of all pro tournaments and pro team scrims, to increase my knowledge and better understand strategies. I can confidently say that I'm ready for an actual team for competition purposes. All I want to do is to better my game at whatever cost.  I'm done with the playing Team Arena Solo and hoping for the best. I done watching pros at the HWC competing putting their skills to the test for the trophy, I'm ready to be apart of that and I am willing to do what ever it takes to make it to the HWC and or pro teams . If any company/team out there are recruiting players for building a team to compete in the new upcoming Halo pro league/challenger league and trying to make it to the big stage message me. Thank you.

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hit me up were looking for a long term team co founder and captain of the halo team gt ITZ FUSIONS vG

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