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NFL Thread

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QB: Matt Ryan, Colin Kaepernick

RB: Jamaal Charles, Toby Gerhart, Ray Rice, Fred Jackson, Bernard Pierce

WR: AJ Green, Jordy Nelson, Roddy White, Michael Floyd, Wes Welker

TE: Dennis Pitta

D/ST: Chiefs

K: Phil Dawson

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Josh Gordon is done. Srs


No way does he manage to pass the random drug tests.



is rep good to make the draft tonight?

Pls stop focusing on rep

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I can fill in for league 1 if someone cannot do it and I can pay today


Desperation is a stinky cologne. 

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Hahahaha it's produced in Portland


Trailblazer fans go to


Scalzo do you think the Packers will be any good this year? What are your predictions for Lacy?


Also, how do you feel about my fantasy football team? What are my chances?


I need your guidance in my life. I'm struggling to say neigh. 

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Desperation is a stinky cologne. 

except im not desperate, im just saying if someone doesnt show im available


you know, trying to make the beyond entertainment community better, you smelly forum moderator

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