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- My older brother introduced me to Halo: CE when I was 12 years old. We just played 1v1 and co-op.

- My brother stopped gaming so I got his Xbox and I got Halo 2 at the same time and that's why I'm really a '04 kid.

- HALO 2 BECAME LIFE. 20,000 games life.

- Matchmaking, Customs, Glitching, Clan Battles (lol), and the MLG Halo scene.

- Always wanted to go to an event, and tried really hard to get a team and travel to one. Didn't work out unfortunately and I've still never been to an MLG event.

- Joined btb.net, was a shitposter even back then, became a mod eventually. Made a couple crappy montages as well.


- Stopped gaming towards the end of '06 to get my life together.


- Eventually came back at the end of '09, got an Xbox 360, Halo 2 and Halo 3. Played more Halo 2 and slowly transitioned into Halo 3 before immediately being thrown into the Reach Beta and Halo: Reach. Made a couple more crappy montages (links in spoiler)



- Became an inheritor in Reach, made some good friends, played lots of Firefight and customs. (Fun montages on same channel)

- Was super excited for Halo 4, then it came out.

- Played Halo 4 almost strictly non-competitively. Fun customs/Fun MM was the only way to have fun in Halo 4.


- MCC was announced. I finally got back into the competitive scene. Was so sad about the clusterf*ck MCC was, but refused to stop playing.

- Signed up for teambeyond.net. Starting watching more pro streams. Started tracking stats to give back to the streamers because I was too poor to subscribe.


- Made HCSStats, followed the Halo scene more in-depth and expanded into the EU scene.

- Became a memer on the forums, making gifs and videos



- Got a position on Team Allegiance to be their statistician, started analyzing gameplay for the team and have become more engrossed into the scene.

- HCSStats got partnered with Team Allegiance.

- Really about the opportunities moving forward as I attempt to make a career out of Halo while sucking at the game myself.  :simms:

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- CE PC Kid since 2011. LOVED the MP, joined a Mexican Clan. I'm from Vermont  :apg: Also play H2V campaign, but MP is mostly dead.

- Get Xbox for H4, but don't play it that much. Watch a few AGLs, become a dirty Ryanoob fan cause my brother hated him  :lxthul:

- Eventually get H3, HR, & CEA. Only one I like is CEA, also the only Xbox Halo game I have a positive KD in  :mj:

- Follow H2A competitive scene very closely. Denial & WFX fan. Fondly remember when Ryanoob & Mikwen teamed and won.  :walshy:

- Get an Xbox one a few months after H5 release. Total noob, but I made it to Diamond 2 in Team Arena Solo-Qing. 18 credits + internship = next to no play time. More  :beyond: though. 

- Have a light senior year, gonna get sweaty w/ Halo 5 now  :simms:


Favorite Pros: Ryanoob, Mikwen, Randa, Shooter, Heinz, Eco, Contra, and Pistola. Arkanum & Swift Kill before they retired / took a break  :wutface:

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- '014 kid


- Remember seeing Formal tweet out that he was gonna complete at MCC Invitational. Decided to watch it, because Formal is my fav pro.


- I realised H2A might lowkey be the shit.


- A week after the event I decided to spend my life savings on Halo: MCC


- I would then go on be a no-life and play MCC 24/7 until H5 came out.


- October 27th 2015, I brought H5 home.


- I decided to be a no-life and play that game 24/7 as well. And I'm still doing it as we speak.




And that's pretty much my story.


Nice to meet you. I know that was tough but thanks for sharing with us.

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How do you use spoilers here? I would like to link a few videos, but don't want to clog up space.

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 '08 Online Halo Kid, '14 Forum Kid.

Joined TeamBeyond, first post was a click bait article on how H5 would be "eSports"

Met Simms through the site

Helped me get introduced into the scene

Snorted lots of crushed Doritos and injected Mountain Dew into the veins 

Qualified for Pro League, proceeded to watch Gooselord happen and placed 4th at LAN Finals

Now grinding for Fall Season



Nothing about me, Tyler and John carrying you in Warzone?

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How do you use spoilers here? I would like to link a few videos, but don't want to clog up space.

Special BB Code.  Top-left of the reply box


Edit: beat

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-played h2 campaign when it came out at friend's house. fell in love with halo


-parents wouldn't let me get an xbox :(


-mooched off friends to play h3. best guest to ever play Kappa. found out about MLG, FB, t2, etc


-went to college, played 1 game of h4 and said fuck that, not even worth getting an xbox now


-hear about MCC. xbox acquired. time to make up for all the time of not having my own xbox


-game is a dumpster fire at launch. deal with all the bullshit anyway and play a shit ton


-reunite with old friend who got me into halo and now carries me


-h5 is meh. can't take it seriously. always find myself going back to MCC

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Guess I’ll do this too...


- Got Halo CE for the PC on a whim sometime in early 2004. Fell in love with the campaign and dabbled in the multiplayer (I was too young to be any good really).


- Bought an OG Xbox on Halo 2’s release day. Played tonnes of that and Halo 3 with my friends.


- Reach was the first time I was disappointed in a Halo game, underwhelmed by both the campaign and multiplayer.


- Halo 4 came out and I actually really enjoyed it.


- MCC was an obvious disappointment (although the H4 playlist was pretty decent and actully worked for me) but it was also the game which got me into Halo esports.


- Watched the H2A season 1 finals and was hooked. Made a Beyond account a few weeks later because I got banned on NeoGAF.


- Been following the scene and 343 shilling ever since. H5 is also my favourite Halo.

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04 - Friend gets an Xbox with Halo 2, we all play Slayer on Coag




16 - Here we are

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I'm in red hat, probably marveling at the glorious nade i just chucked at my teammate to get his kill.


Honestly I'm mostly impressed that you have a Famous shirt on back when it was still a Blink thing - 1 Million internet points for you today!



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Nostalgia City.

Can we make the "Nostalgia Seed and discussion Thread"



This is as good a place as any i think.  pretty docile discussion while there is no intel flowing. Most stories include getting into the competitive scene at some point. 

Very common thread here - 

H1-3 - GOAT <3 MLG

Reach - 4 - disgusting

MCC - Hopeful resurgence followed quickly by crushing disappointment

Halo 5 - Upswing but still < H1-3


343 should come in here and pull some stories for a  :weback:  style feature.  Though that might give them the idea that the game doesn't need any more work...

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Sure, why not:


--- Played H1 on LAN in the summer of 2004 with my high school friends, could not believe how fun the game was, like a combination of all my favorite parts of Goldeneye, Quake, Doom, etc.

--- Focused on school and had a PS2 for some reason, didn't really play H2 (as it didn't look as good as H1) ... finally got an Xbox in 2008 and got obliterated on XBL, super-low population but still able to find games in Rumble Pit and Team Snipers

--- Saw an MLG top 10 Halo 3 plays on Youtube, in late 2008, narrated by none other than Chris Puckett.  Watched a truly ridiculous amount of MLG VoD (had an easy office job at the time) and watched every new MLG tournament religiously, every H1-H3 montage on Youtube, etc., bought an Xbox 360 a couple months later and played a ton of H3; I never did super-well in the MLG playlist (1.0 k/d, rank 35-40 or so) but enjoyed competitive settings, played them for fun

--- Attended MLG DC 2010, just as a spectator; met Neighbor (my favorite player by far) and also Idra before he was world famous or whatever

--- Played a ton of Reach customs on LAN with friends (8-12 people on three TVs) in 2010-11, probably the most fun I've ever had with Halo

--- Continued to watch all Halo tournaments (AGL) and Ninja's stream, etc., in the darkest of the dark ages

--- Somewhat enjoyed H4 for non-competitive settings but definitely didn't play much Halo at all in 2013-14

--- Bought MCC after the first big patch, enjoyed playing H1 again but in general found that the magic was gone for H1-H4, nostalgia wasn't really doing it for me

--- Bought H5 after the first price drop on Amazon (December 2015) and have been addicted for the past eight months; despite some flaws I get more pure enjoyment out of H5 than any game since H1 or maybe my first couple months playing H3

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  • Teamed with @@CyReN for MLG Meadowlands 2008 (H3), 2nd Rounded 4v4 *RIP*




Shoutout to Axman and Legoloas71088

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-Whenever I went to my best friends house when I was like 4-5 we played H1.


-Continued doing this when H2 came out and only got to play Halo at his house because I was a playstation kid.


-I saw Final Boss playing on TV before going to church for Christmas or Easter (can't remember) and I thought it was so cool and I tried to stay home and watch.


-I eventually switched over to Xbox and played split screen with my neighbors and siblings.


-Got H3 and 360 in like March of 2008. 


-Took me forever to get my first 50, it was SWAT in Feb. of 2009. 


-I also played a bunch of the Social Team DLC playlist and actually had the #2 most exp in that playlist before it was removed.


-Got a 50 in MLG, Snipes, Slayer, Lone Wolves, Squad Battle, Objective, Living Dead, Grifball, etc.


- Moved to reach and spent most of my time playing solo MLG or with some kids from Highschool. Other than that I played firefight in order to get the highest rank.


-Modern Warfare 3 came out in 2011 and I no lifed it and became #1 in the world and demolition playlist score.


-Played H4 by myself 


-Watch H5 Pro Scene and mostly play warzone if I do play.

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Ultimate upsetting Relapse was one of the hypest matches I've seen live.

Frankie, what?! I live in Hazelwood, MO. I work at Wells Fargo downtown off Market St. We gotta meet up.


Elamite making one of these will take the entire thread. 

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  • Bought Halo PC after being told by someone on RuneScape to buy Diablo. They had no copies in store so I just picked up Halo instead
  • Got home, played it - sucked absolute ass. Couldn't finish The Maw and left it for a while
  • Received an Xbox 360 and Halo 3 for Christmas 2007
  • Started getting interested in competitive Halo in 2008, even changed my bloody gamertag to "MLG Rhino 2k8"
  • Watched most events and followed very loosely until 2012
  • Joined The Halo Council's forums and was fairly active
  • Applied for a writers position after @@CyReN saw my little side project of archiving Halo's matchmaking updates
  • Took part in that shitty THC vs Beyond drama and had the most stressful time of my life
  • Joined Beyond after THC closed 
  • Created content for Beyond until January 2016 until I left
  • Started doing Social Media & Editorial for ESL UK, covering the Halo EU Pro League
  • Attended first ever Halo event as staff/fan last month


Not bad for someone who almost picked up Diablo.

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