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[F/A] Hobbskyy - Looking For Teams!!

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Since the start of Halo 5, I've been grinding as much as I can, and looking for a long-term team to be a part of. I've made a lot of friends and have been a part of a few teams that just didn't click in my mind, so I've been living the free agent life for some time now.



As far as my background with Halo goes, I've played online and in ladders since 2009 with Halo 3 all the way through 2012 with Halo: Reach. I took a hiatus with Halo 4 due to family and life issues...I just didn't have the drive to grind and decided to take time to myself to heal. I was back on the scene in H2A when I got my Xbox One in 2014. I still didn't compete too much, but I did grind for fun! And then came Halo 5. I've been grinding as much as I can (usually 5 hours a day or so), and I've improved my skill from Gold all the way up to the brink of Onyx/High Diamond, and I'm still growing.



I'm a strong support/OBJ player. I've never been the best slayer. I can go slay-for-slay with Onyx 2000+, but I never have an overwhelmingly positive record. Knowing that's my weakness, however, I've been working on improving it. Strong suits come with running flags, holding hills, and timing power ups and weapons.


What I'm Looking For:

I'm looking for something very specific. I'm fairly picky...I want a team that meshes on a personal level, first and foremost. Out-of-game friendships are very important for in-game. I need people willing to work with each other on overcoming our weaknesses, I need people who are flexible, I need people who have the same mindset and goals as myself. 





Age: 21

GT: Hobbskyy HCS

Birthday: 3/15/1995

Location: Maryland, USA (Florida, USA in August)

Game Hours: 4:30pm to 10pm EST Mon-Fri, All Day Weekends

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