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F/A looking for a serious team for GB's, tournaments, etc.

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I'm on everyday 24/7, on mainly from 4pm - 12am est on weekdays, weekends are whatever. I'm on break atm for a week. 


I messed up this season and played solo and got matched with complete randoms as usual that leave or go triple neg. 


I'm just looking for a team that gets on everyday and wants to grind to the best of our potential. 


Just try me out before judging from pubs that I played solo, it's kind of hard to win games solo when you get matched up against to4's that are onyx and my teammates leave or go triple neg 24/7. 


Be willing to go over stuff and take it serious to go somewhere in halo 5.


My gt: Homitz jrxss

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I would be down to run. My requirements are simple. I ask all my potential team mates have the ability to use Discord for comms, and have a strong understanding of the game mechanics and meta (strats, call outs, etc)


If you're interested in running, tweet me @Hobbskyy and add my GT: Hobbsky

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