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The InSan3 One

The InShan3 One F/a

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Looking to compete in season 2


Don't know why I'm still trying to find a team on here. Almost seems like you have to be an asshole and wave your e-peen to get people to even message you back.


Most of the people that I play with or used to play with either don't play anymore or play but don't want to compete. IMO a waste of time to play the competitive settings but don't want to try and place well. I don't want to be done, but I've been playing since the end of Halo 3 and STILL haven't been able to find a serious team or a team that wants to stick together and try to place well and I might just call it quits because of it. I just don't want to give up without really giving it a legitimate try. 


I'm not very good at talking myself up. I don't put up huge numbers and go 17 and 2 every single game. I am a support/assist player and like to play fast and I'm very aggressive. 


I'm very dedicated and I'm tired of wasting time. I want to team with people that want to place as high as possible compete in every single online tourney possible, grind arena, play customs, etc. 


Don't care if you're the sickest player in the game, don't miss, if you have a sponsorship, was a complete monster in Halo 3, etc. I don't want to play on last minute teams every Sunday. I want to get better as a team and learn from teammates. There are things I know I can improve on and I'm willing to change up my play style and adapt to how everyone else is playing if it's not working out. I'm always willing to improve as a player and actively work on the issues that I have in game. 


I'll be around 6:30/7pm eastern time tomorrow and can play all night and Wednesday all day. I usually play nights until whenever. Willing to start a team from scratch or join a to2/to3. Doesn't matter to me. All I want to do is play and grind.


If stats and whatnot matter to you, just look me up on Halotracker.


GT: The InShan3 One

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Bro, you sound like the kind of FA I wanna run with. I'm so sick of kids "waving their e-peens" lmao!


Add me on XBL: Hobbsky - would love to run with you

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