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Mason B

F/A Looking for a new Team

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I have been a Halo player since Halo 2. During Halo 4 I took a break and came back for the tail end of H2A. I have been on Halo 5 since Launch. This is the first time since I started my Halo career that I am posting myself as a Free Agent. From Halo 2 to Halo Reach I ran with the same team till it disbanded around the launch of Xbox One.


I know the areas where I need to improve right now and the primary one is callouts. However I feel the only way to practice that is with a team that is just as fueled at getting better and utilizing the same callouts.


I am very dedicated and have been grinding for months since I decided to go competitive again. I am looking for a team that is serious, upstart, and consistant. I am always open to learning new things.


Current Controller Settings: 7/5/0/0


Former Tags:

Maximus General, PXL Maximus, PXL Mason, XGC Mason, Mason B is here.


Current Tag: BroMace


Twitter: @Mason_Browning



I do have Discord and other means of contact. Just send me a message on Xbox Live or here works as well. I will do tryouts.

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