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TO2 LF> two more for Team Catalyst

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Hello everyone i am looking for two dedicated/ experience players to join my Team. I have high expectations what i want for my team, i will be hard on tryouts i will give u tips and i will see if u execute them correctly. My second partner is very talented including myself i need to find  players that will Blow me away of his/her performance. Our schedule is pretty rough for now until we get sponsored by a company (Soon) we will be able to practice more. My teammate and i have been dreaming to find two talented players that we can have great chemistry with. When we do the tryouts i will be honest what i think of u. If i know ur good ill say you are Great, if i say  ur bad ill say "here are some things u need to work on". I Need a long term of 4 Come and try out for Team Catalyst.  


                                                                Contact: Alluminair


Time Zone Pacific 

Monday-Wed: 6pm-9pm

Friday-Sunday All day long


Tryouts Start: When ever u message me 

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I would be interested in trying out. However the only thing I can see being an issue is the time difference since I am two hours ahead.

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Sent you a msg online, my buddy are I are forming a team, we've been competing since h2. taking a run at actually being super competitive again since before h4

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Hello. I saw your post and am interested in getting a try out. I have gb experience as well as LANs. I know call outs and am not ego crazy. No raging. Strong believer in team work. GT is Jockko NE

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