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Halo 5 LAN (3-20-16) in Austin Texas.

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Halo 5 LAN (3-20-16) @ my house in ATX. Should easily have 8 setups for 4v4's. 18 & up. Please let me know if you're interested! I've had several LAN party's already and they've been a total blast. Feel free to hit me up online @ iBreakAway.

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@@iBreakAway don't give up. also don't list your phone number like that because the bots will get ya. make it like four30-three9five-64five3. You should change it on the texas thread too


also @

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Ok everyone! Hosting another LAN at my house in Austin TX (ATX) on Saturday, June 25th. If you are able to attend please list your GT and shoot me a message @ iBreakAway. I have 2 full setups (including A40's and MixAmps, so we will just need 5 setups to have 8's. I look forward to meeting a few more of the locals from TX! Pizza and Beer for anyone hungry/thirsty as well!


So far we have 3 people or are definitely in, possibly 4 or 5. The more the better!




F1 Revolution

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