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Allstar - F/A Season 2, EGLx, all events. Tons of MLG event exp!

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Alright guys,


I was 1906 in Onyx last season. I've been back for a few months and can compete with everyone, I just really need a good team to be able to do the same. I quit in 2013 after getting 12th and 17th at AGL. I have 3 top 16 BIC FFA placings. I have 1 top 32 placing (MLG Raleigh 2011), a couple top 64 and top 48 placings at Anaheim and Columbus, and a top 17-24 placing at MLG Nashville 2010. These were all MLG tournaments and all of my best placings came at events with over 150 teams.


Regardless, I am good at halo 5. Those were other halo's, but it's a team game and I want a good tournament team to run with. I've literally been playing with bad kids because everyone i used to game with (before i quit) is now apparently pro. lmao. 


GT: AllstvRR (1906 last season on other tag, AllstaR WINS.)


Also F/A for AstroSpartans tournament today 

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Am looking for 2 more players for competitive team. Have experience also. Will be home from vacation on 15th and will grind everyday again.

Gt: V i IV Y A R D

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Sent you a FR last night. Will be playing good bit tonight. I have to lifeguard from 6:30-8:00 and then playing til around 2.

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