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F/A looking for a serious team FOR NEXT SEASON(ON NOW)

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On from 4-11 pm est(longer if needed)


Know callouts, rotations, spawns, what not to push,etc.


I'm looking for a team with good attitudes, no egos, or bad attitudes.


Please be on EVERYDAY, to get better and to go pro and make it, you need to be on everyday grinding/going over stuff/etc.


I play SOLO in slayer and arena(previous season)    I MESSED UP AND PLAYED SOLO IN ARENA FOR THE NEW SEASON, TERRIBLE                                                                                     TEAMMATES GOING QUAD NEG LIKE USUAL SO DON'T JUDGE. DON'T BE                                                                                              THAT GUY.

slayer is d4

arena is d3?

FFA is Onyx


GT: Homitz jrxss


Please be able to compete in gb's as well

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