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Content Creators Needed - 0IAH YouTube Channel

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Hey everyone, 


I am looking to get my channel back up to being active but I simply do not have the time anymore to make as many videos/promote the channel as I used to.  With that being said, I am looking for a content creator(s) to assist with the production side of my channel.  I am at 15,000+ subscribers, 2.9 million+ views, and every day the stats increase.  


If you are interested in helping out with the channel and learning about what benefits could come from it, feel free to fill out this short questionnaire below.  When you are done with it, send it to halo . utube @gmail.com with the subject line as "0IAH Questionnaire".


1. Your Name/Brand/Channel..etc:

2. Social Media/Production Experience:

3. What type of content are you looking to produce?  How can you make it stand out from the crowd so that it will attract viewers outside of the subscriber base?

4. Where do you see the channel, as far as growth and content…etc. in a year?

5. What can you do to promote the channel outside of YouTube?

6. Link(s) to content you would like to show off:

7. Anything you would like to mention:


Feel free to share this with anyone you may think would make a great addition to the channel!




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Just....to be clear...


How are the content creators being compensated for their work? What sort of limitations are you putting on content creators? Whats to stop somebody building a following through your channel and leaving ASAP to reap their own rewards? How much do you benefit of their content? How much does the creator benefit of their own content? 


I understand the idea...but I cant help but feel like this is a trap for a content creator to provide you a service in which you reap a major portion of the benefits. Perhaps you could be a little more open with the community before asking people to create work for you for what seems like little to no reward apart from exposure. 


EDIT: Is this sort of self promotion even allowed on the Team Beyond Forums? 


EDIT #2: Content Creators, be very wary moving forward with this. By all means explore your options if this is something you're interested in. But remember that this channel does not have your interests at heart.


EDIT #3: I'll retract all my comments, and even apologize if you can be a little more liberal and answer some of those questions I've asked. Just seems very...suspect. 

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You can download and upload any of my shitty videos to yours if you want as long as you link to my channel in the description and don't remove my intro and claim it as your own. www.youtube.com/smoakleyyt I have map callouts (havent gotten around to the new ones and honestly dont know if I ever will) and some basic tip videos for beginners. Also some forge maps I've tinkered with.

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