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Monday Night Combat H&S vs WTS: Round 3

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edit: assaults POV may be more interesting.. worth the click over to twitch.





Monday Night Combat is MOBA/FPS that features class based gameplay with one roll, escort your bots into the enemy base and drop their shields, than take their health. It's much more Shooter based than MOBA based compared to Super Monday Night Combat, and has constant back and forth battle for map and bot control. There's quite a big individual skill gap, but the team skill is what shines in this game.


I've posted a couple of times posting the competitive merit of Monday Night Combat for XBLA and I think this round showcases it pretty well.





H&S is made up of an older team who collectively went undefeated for 2 years. WTS made a team within the last month and eventually they were ready to scrimmage. In the first 2 rounds WTS won the maps 6-0 ending the 2 year undefeated streak. Not only did they lose, but they got slapped hard.  After loosing the first two series they wanted to switch classes around and ended up picking me for tank. Unfortunately, this is the assault's POV, not mine. The match doesn't start to around 20:20, but if you listen in the beginning you can hear the intensity and a lot of trash talk that took place. I think one of the three lobby restarts is recorded, and every time we dominated.



Our Assaults POV:




Assault is the Support/Slayer role that has to create plays and openings for the team. They have the highest mobility and versatility, and are able to help trap and assist the easiest. He's essentially the quarterback of the team and overviews the whole field. Look for him to use his bombs to separate the gunner/support combo from gaining map control, as well as targeting the sniper relieving pressure, and providing support everywhere else. It's the closest feeling character to a Halo game.



Our assassin's POV:


Think the spy from Team Fortress 2 combined with the scout's mobility. It's cloak, sprint, stunbomb/jump skill makes it a very sneaky and deadly class. It's katana is amazing for slaying bots and pushing the lanes. You're able to grapple your opponent from behind and get a 1 hit kill depending on the class you grapple. Usually you'll see assassin's drop everything and play bot based game, but you can look for our assassin to step outside his role and grab enemy snipers/supports/assaults in order to help create a break in the line, thus giving us map control.


Watch him apply pressure to the bot spawns, try to stay behind the enemy, and go for the annihilator (kills all enemy robots on the field every 3 minutes)


Game 1


Game 2


You can see/hear me in game playing Tank. I don't put up impressive numbers, but my job was to lock down their assassin who dropped the ball the past 6 games. You'll see blue lazer's flying, and that's me putting shots on enemy with the railgun, racking up assists.


If you have any questions feel free to ask! I can most likely dig up the round 2 series from a twitch if you guys want perspective on how WTS slapped H&S the previous series. I'd love to help anyone interested in trying the game out... the demo gives you an hour free.

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It's a blast and requires a lot more from a team mentally than Halo does. It's a shame the game didn't receive the competitive recognition it deserves.



Hey if you wanna make $100 bucks, get a team and download the game and try to beat us. It's 6v6 and I'm offering $600 to new teams who can beat us.

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