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Player count in halo 5?

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This has been discussed quite a bit in various threads; daily population typically ranges from 20k to 50k.  Launch night was something like 200k, I believe ... you can try using the forum search function as there are a ton of different sources/links for this data.

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As long as I can find games quickly I don't care if 200 people are playing.

What a selfish outlook.

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There is currently no way to figure Halo 5's daily population.


The best we can do is ESTIMATE it's peak concurrent users, using its position on the XBL most played list, and comparing it to battlefronts live population counter.


Using this data, it's clear that typically, halo 5 maxes out at <50,000 concurrent players daily.


This doesn't tell us how many people total play everyday. Just the max number of people who play at the same time.

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No idea, it would be interesting to know though. I have replayed some people once or twice but i'm EU so...

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