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New Competitive Halo 5 Team Recruiting

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Hey everyone,

I’m starting up a brand new competitive Halo 5 team for GameBattles and high level Team Arena, and continue to improve into a pro level team. If you are a high skilled, competitive PvP player of Halo 5, then this is for you. Sign up details below:

  • Players of all stats are accepted to tryouts, but obviously a low stat player likely won’t make it.  

  • Team name will be decided on after team is created.

  • You must be an active Halo player with similar playing schedules (EST, ranging from 3-9 P.M)

  • You will be judged on a combination of skill and overall personality (how easy you are to work  with, fun to play with, etc.)

  • All other details will be discussed at tryouts.


I’m not looking to instantly have a pro team going here, I’m looking to build a team. To help each other grow as players. If you’re interested, message my GT: TheParagonYT or hit me up on Twitter @jack_linderman


Tryouts will be held at 7:00 P.M EST (probably slightly later, due to family things) on Friday, Feb 19th (and a second tryout for any that can’t make the main one a day later)  in a custom lobby. The first game will be FFA, and then placings on that will decide what teams each person will be placed on for 4v4 matchups, one in each mode (Slayer, CTF, Strongholds). After that, team members will be decided and anyone that didn’t make it will end up on a practice team if they choose to do so. I fully intend on branding this team and getting ourselves out there. I hope to see you at tryouts! 

EDIT: Only 5 spots left for tryouts! Message now!

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