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The 343 Ark Easter Egg on Halo 3 and Why I Think There May be More to

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So recently I have been taking a closer look at the easter egg here.

 And even though it looks modded, I checked it out myself and it does indeed work.http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/TheStinkyWaffle/video/14765438
Now here is my take on all of this. In my opinion, I feel that there is more below the surface of this seemingly random easter egg. The numbers were (343,343,2,343). So I had a far fetched idea. I finished the mission after activating the egg, and tried to jump through the rings at the end of the cov. in that order. Not supprising nothing happened. But something weird I never encountered before did... Now it most likely has nothing to do with the egg but I wanted to share anyways. After killing truth and reverting, I noticed a voice that sounded like a "Huh?".http://xboxdvr.com/gamer/TheStinkyWaffle/video/14871000 Listen after I die and respawn. Most likely a IWHBYD dialog
Anyways I now have a new idea I want to try. Now for full measure I want to do all these things just so we cover all our bases. In the unlikely event that something does happen, it's probably less complicated than this and we can make it simpler. My idea is to do the egg, go to the cov and jump through the rings, then continue on to cortana and finish that mission with the hidden blind skull. Now once on halo, we pick up the new spartan lazer. Now we continue mission until we are inside the control room. It takes 3 spartan lazer shots to kill Guilty Spark. So using the blind skull Lazer (Not Johnsons) We shoot guilty spark twice (343,343,2,343) Then we run around the circular control room twice (343,343,2,343) Now once we do that we give spark the last blow (343,343,2,343). Now i'm hoping that at least SOMETHING happens, but I know probably nothing will. But hey, we won't know until we try! And we know Bungie is fond of holograms in regard to their Halo 3 easter eggs (IWHBYD skull). So yeah, just wanted to share this around and get your thoughts. Please don't tell me it probably won't work, because I already know that. But if we go on that train of thought, then there is a 0% of this going anywhere instead of a 5% if we try. Thanks for reading the ramblings of a mad man.
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