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Mint Blitz - LUCID DREAM 2

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Fable 2 version of a Fable 1 song.


Holy nostalgia, I miss the Fable games.


dude fable 1 is in my top 3 all time fav games. The feels that game gives is unreal. The story was SO good, combat, spells, abilities, leveling system, hidden shit, extra shit to do... the list goes on. Only wish you could go back to the arena once in a while or something. Too bad fable 2 and 3 sucked and didn't have the same "feel" that the OG captured.


Something about fable 1's atmosphere/mood makes me feel really warm and nostalgic. Fuck now I need to go beat it again (probably my 20th time).



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Thats what I designed this video to do, I love Fable especially 1 and 2. So many good childhood memories there :)

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