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Your controller, button layout and yes claw/no claw?

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Which do you guys think would be more beneficial to have on a paddle, sprint or reload?


And why?


I'm running Helljumper with thrust on left upper paddle, was wondering what to put on the right paddle and I'm between SPRINT (A), RELOAD (B ) and to a lesser extent, MELEE (R-stick click)

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Xbox One Elite Controller.


Buttons: Default

Upper Left Paddle: Jump

Upper Right Paddle: Thrust

Sensitivity: 4

Acceleration: 2

Inner Deadzone: 0%

Outer Deadzone: 10%

No Vibration

Claw for X & Y buttons

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Regular controller user here:


Is it possible to create a layout that features:


LT - thrust

LB - jump

dpad - throw grenade

A/X - sprint




I was trying to simply swap X (thrust) for LT (grenade) and then X (grenade) to the dpad, but you can't swap triggers for some reason.

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I've been playing on the halo 4 scheme with a scuff that has two paddles: a and b. I actually really like having crouch on b I was going to change it to melee but I just couldn't do it. I can crouch strafe for days. Jump on the paddle is also a must. For all other halos b paddle is melee but this game is so mobility focused that I love having all spartan movements on the paddles and thruster on lb.

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Do most pros usually use stick extenders? like the longer sticks on the right-stick? 


I used to do that on the 360 with a kontrol freek, so yes ;).

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