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Reject Flaws

F/A Looking for a well dedicated HCS team!

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Hey everyone I just wanted to say that I have been having a lot of trouble finding loyal teammates and it's honestly a pain! Everyone wants to become a pro in a day and it doesn't work like that! I am currently looking for a team that needs a fourth player, don't contact me unless three of you have been teaming for a while I am sorry but currently I'm getting strict on the teams.

Must be:


-Champion or Onyx 1800 or higher!


-GB Exp


-Played with previous teams


-Played Halo competitively for more than 2 years


GT: Reject Flaws

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yo hit me up on xbx my onyx rn is low bc i play with 1 other person or no body at all but im pretty sure you will be more than happy with me. i have played online since reach in the mid of h4 i started getting good. i would say i am a semi pro.

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