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StarCraft 2 Discussion Thread

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Use this thread to discuss anything StarCraft!


I just started playing, feel free to add me. "HeisenZerg". :)

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Hey Muggsy,


As of now nobody can add you because you must leave your Name and Character Code. Mine is CouRage.126.


You can find your character code by doing the following:

1. Open the friends tab

2. Hit Add Friend

3. Click Character Friend

4. In the bottom left in small text it will say: "Your character code: XXX"


Hope that helps! GL HF on SC2 and lemme know if you ever need some help.

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Add me! Yodies character code is 608. I'm a really crappy Terran bronzie. 

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Has anyone tried the new Spawning feature? I've been using it to play customs/arcade games with some friends and it's been pretty fun.

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When I get a new computer here in a month I am going to start playing HOTS. I am watching WCS Finales, so sick. I love watching SC2. 

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