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To All Of The New Halo Players Entering The Halo eSports Scene

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Disclaimer: This is all about my thinking so everyone is entitled to your own opinion on this topic matter so please I would love as much feedback as possible on this post in the comments below <3 (Be open minded about this as well & no full out Hate comments please and thank you)

Hello everyone, My name is Nick or you can call me by my alias Phantasy but I've decided to make this post because I really wanted to speak my mind on the topic of all of the new halo players coming into the eSports world of Halo. With Halo it's a game that requires three things

1. Communication
2. Teamwork
3. Knowledge (Insert in my garage with my new Lamborghini joke here) 

With these being the main importance of Halo I have to tell a story...... I have been competing in Halo for over 5 years now since Halo:Reach (Yes talk all the shit you want on this game but I LOVED IT) but I got the chance of teaming with 3 people I went to high school with and these people were brand new friends of mine as well. They took a risk of picking up a new player like myself onto their team, yeah I had the understanding of Halo down but I never took Halo serious before I was a casual player before Halo: Reach came out but onto the main story the three guys I teamed with decided to show me various things in the Halo world, of playing patience, communicate a ton, & work as a team! (Have to side note that I used to complain a ton when I died or nothing wasn't going my way, but if you play with me now I don't do that as all still shocks me to this day that I used to be like that) That team we teamed for over 2 years then the team disbanded due to the drop of Halo off the pro circuit. Now I really stand as the only remaining player out of the other three so today I still push on as a player to achieve that great of a team I had then and also share knowledge with all of the new Halo players! 

No new player in Halo should be left in the dark of how to play Halo effectively. I have taken time out of my day to show a fair chunk of the new players on how to play Halo and so on, I do it out of modesty, because I too was in their shoes over 5 years ago. It's kind of a weird situation I put myself in today....where with my team is kind of the same set-up where it's all new players, yeah I'll take my time to work and build with a team, I'll respect you but I expect the same respect back, but things can only go so far........ 

I have lucked out of many team spots because I'm not comfortable with jumping into a team of 3 or team of 2, I rather build a team from the ground up but sometimes that doesn't work out..... Sometimes you have to make that leap of faith in making a team from scratch! In Halo 5 I have gone through 27 DIFFERENT TEAM-MATES , yeah...... 27 very sad to be honest, kind of brings a bad name upon myself as a player but it's because of the three things that most of them can't do 

1. Communication
2. Teamwork
3. Knowledge

It goes back to a post I made before 

- Know Callouts
- Know how to Small Talk
- No Arguments
- Be Friendly
- Learn to have fun

but most of the team-mates I had during the time Halo 5 started couldn't do that, kind of makes me look like a dick the way on how I was about this but success isn't easy either, I don't expect a god amazing team right away and nobody should, even if you have been around for a while or you're new, it takes time to build a team & you as an individual player. Take Chris "Parasite" Durate for example, he is a knowledgeable player and he knows what needs to be done to build a great team here some of his posts of an example about small talk and so on 




Even though he is a Call of Duty player most of this applies in Halo!

Here is a post made by Spartan where he talks about it doesn't matter if someone does negative (Some food for thought for everyone who expects everyone to go positive all the time)


Also to all of the new people maybe to the old that are reading this here is a playlist that I have put together of Halo 5 things, jumpspots, nade spots, how to do certain things in Halo, etc (I always update this with new videos when something new comes up)


Yeah I'm giving away INFORMATION that I shouldn't really be doing, but who cares if everyone knows on how to do something, it comes down to if people can react, adapt, & counter these things.....

So that is my post I want to make for all of the newbies in Halo, if you want to learn more things don't be afraid to ask I will be available to show anybody anything!

Thank you all for reading and have a nice day!

- Nick "Phantasy" Howard Captain of Reborn Knights.Halo

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I was wondering when you'd make your way onto here. Good post.


I'd add don't expect to win everything after one series playing together, too.

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And don't forget to.....







Yes I'm a major sellout :P



Make sure you post Halo content too! Im always thirsty for Halo Youtube/Twitch content! 

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