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Re: Hecz's Advice for the Halo Community

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Hecz dropped a wisdom bomb on the Halo community a few days ago, and it's been eye-opening to those of us who love and cherish this game and its community. In his words, it's "our baby, our responsibility" and we need to take charge. How I first found Halo was through content on YouTube. Red vs. Blue anyone? That was my intro to the world of Halo. We've grown complacent with our content creation, and expected our viewership not to dwindle. Hecz stated, "you can't expect the developer to create the game AND keep viewers interested", and he's right. We're given this platform, and we need to use it.


So I had an idea: collective effort community montages. Think about what 343i does for us on a weekly basis. We're given social playlists like Rumble Rockets, Weekend Snipers, Weekend Doubles, and we've all shouted "XBOX RECORD THAT" a few times during some hilarious, sick, or otherwise AMAZING gameplay in those playlists. Let's USE that footage. Let's make fun montages showcasing the fun side of Halo. Every week, we could release a montage for the previous weekend. It'd be a great way to pay homage to the playlists, as well as bring viewership.


So, what do we need, then?

  • Player videos from the playlsits
  • Video editors willing to participate
  • A social media task force promoting the videos

Let's do this, guys. I'm down for spitballing ideas in the thread here! And if you're willing to donate your services to the cause, which is bringing Halo back to the forefront of the gaming community, then let me know, whether it's clips you're donating or your time and effort editing videos...let's go boys and girls!!!

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