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The InSan3 One

The InShan3 One F/a

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I would like to compete in the next 2 qualifiers but I'm not too worried about it since roster lock is sunday but am looking for a team for Sunday and the next season. Don't care about trying to hop on a to2 or to3. If we mesh well, then great but personally I'd rather start a team from scratch. Tired of team hopping and would like to stay on a team and grow but a lot of people don't exactly understand what this means: We should all be of similar skill if we're going to team. We should already have a good understanding of how to play at a higher level. Don't necessarily have to be onyx but you should be able to make that call if you don't have a good rank but you believe you are a good player. 


Looking for serious players. I can play every night and all day on weekends and Sundays and would like my teammates to play a good amount much as possible; especially weekends and dedicate themselves to wanting to win. I don't want to have a team and just to say I have a team and play with the same group of people just to play with them. I want to win and want to team with people with the same mentality. I want to compete in Online ladders, go over film and go to events.


If it matters 



Message me on here or on Xbox doesn't matter

GT: The InShan3 One 




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I'll see what I can do. I know your dedicated. How late can you stay up to play usually eastern time ?

On weekends I can play all night like until 4-5am on weekdays until 12am-1am

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