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New to CSGO and would like to learn competitive

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Just like the title says, and I would like to learn to at least be decent enough to not go negative K/D


Any tips and advice is welcome! 

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If you literally just looking to practice shooting technique subscribe to this map:





There is no way to get better at CS other than to play and experience the many scenarios that can unfold in a round. Like you could practice you aim / spraying technique but then just get pop flashed and rekt for an entire game. The best thing to do is be conscious about how you're playing, it's not overly necessary to watch your replays but every time you die assess the situation and look for patterns of play to avoid or take note of in future.

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How to grind your mechanical skill at the game


General things:

Buy a decent gaming mouse (with quality optical sensor) and large mouse pad (e.g. Steelseries QCK+, around 450x400mm). Your preferred mouse depends on your hand size mostly.

Sensitivity -- most new players have sensitivity set way too high. If you look at pro players, they mostly take between 30-65 cm to do a full 360. I suggest you set your sensitivity to something within those boundaries. Use this website to make sure:



As you get better at the game, don't be afraid to lower your sensitivity. Most people find that as they get better, they realize they need to go lower to be more accurate. Raising sensitivity is rarely a good idea in my experience.


Console commands:

cl_crosshairstyle 4 -- type into console for classic static crosshair. set the other aspects of crosshair (color, size, gap, etc) via the other crosshair commands

cl_crosshairstyle 2 -- use this temporarily to see how moving, jumping etc affects your recoil. for general use it's too distracting.

m_rawinput 1 -- makes sure your mouse ignores windows settings.


maps to download:

training_aim2016 -- set it to 100 targets, 0.50 target duration, 0.25 delay. grind this a couple times a day. aim for 70+ over time

Recoil Master -- grind your recoil with the different rifles. aim for 70%+ accuracy, and focus on 8-10 bullet sprays

There are many bot-based fast aim maps, search the workshop and see which ones you like


deathmatch servers: Fragshack = best deathmatch servers, highest quality opponents that i've found.


NetcodeGuides is also decent, players a bit less skilled.




Now what?

Grind your fast aim + flickshots every day, using the maps listed.

If you AWP, also use your AWP on deathmatch servers.

Practice aim deathmatch to get used to hitting tight headshots.


Vital techniques:

Crosshair placement -- 

Stutter stepping -- 


Anyways this is probably a decent amount of info to get started, purely for mechanical skill (aim, headshots, movement, etc).

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