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NHL Thread

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im so happy the flyers are playing the rangers


my dad is from north jersey (new york market) and i grew up in south jersey (philadelphia market)



i'd love to go to a game but it's impossible to get tix

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Fuckin' rights the Habs sweep the Lightning. It's create to see a family member owning it up in the NHL (Price), lol


And that Granlund goal was ssiiiiccckk

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That kids laugh...I cant hahaha. Cutest thing haha.


Really hoping the Wings beat the Bruins...cause I dont like the Bruins.


Who you guys think will play in goal for the next Ducks game?

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lol ^


Lol, he's actually my cousin. Our families are pretty close. Even though his family is Carrier and we're Chilcotin (from different reservations) we all moved into town (Williams Lake) after living at our different reserves (his was Anahim Lake and mine was Anaham).

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Canadians good enough to beat Boston?

They give us problems because they're a ver fast team. I remember beating them soundly a few months ago in Montreal.



Need to get by Detroit first.

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