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NHL Thread

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glad we don't have to play colorado first round, not that I think we'll do much this year, but fuck they have had our number the last 2 or so seasons

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Canadiens got this in 6 games at most. Lightning won't win without Bishop.

Bruins-Habs round 2 would be sick.


So would Pens-Flyers and Sharks-Ducks. Good year for rivalries. ^_^


I guess Kings-Ducks would be okay too... >_>

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Bruins Vs Habs in round 2 would be epic... But so would Wings Vs Habs...


I'm really torn on who to cheer for in the Bruins - Wings series. I'm not really a fan of either team and both teams have a player that really deserves their first Cup. Iginla with the Bruins & Alfredsson with the Wings. Would be awesome to see either of them win. Maybe i'm slightly in favor of the Wings just because i love the feel good story that would be the Wings having a brutal regular season and just barely making it into the playoffs, Almost missed it for the first time in over 20 years. If they managed to win the cup, that'd just be an amazing story.


Bruins are just such a good team though, they probably should win the cup if everything goes the way its suppose too.

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Lucic comes so close to a goal and then that happens.


Fucking hell.


Karma for that Quenneville tap on DDK


This could be the best series of the playoffs. 

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