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NHL Thread

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Am i the only one a little bummed these olympics aren’t featuring our best players?


I always look forward to team USA international play with our best but watching tier 2 minor league scrubs in the olympics is boring as fk.

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Regardless who wins the Stanley Cup this year, the Vegas Golden Nights will go down in hockey history as one of the most amazing NHL stories of all time imo.


I personally am rooting for them after everything their city has gone through and how their team is made up of a bunch of unwanted players coming together and dominating some NHL playoffs.

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Tragedy always seems to rally a city to professional sports championships. Boston in 2013, Houston last year, Saints winning super bowl after Katrina, etc...


As for the teams they’ve played so far... Jets are the only really good team. TB, assuming they can beat the capitals, were the best team in the NHL this year and have been knocking on the door for the past several seasons.


With that said, good luck to Vegas it would be a cool thing to see, but I’ve gotta go with the Bolts!!!

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TB might have lost the battle, but they’re gonna win the war... Steve Yzerman the goat GM baby! Only a matter of time before that cup comes back to Tampa bay!

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All four major sports are rocking new and unusual champions.... besides the NBA...


Congrats Ovechkin, well deserved.

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