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Looking for 3 F/As!

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Hello, everyone!


My name is Kev or Chegros. I'm a long-time Halo fan and player. In the rush of HCS, I tried joining teams here and there -- I'd run with these "teams" and none of them really felt like the right one. The captains never really ran them in an efficient manner, and there was always something I'd do differently, so I'm starting my own team for both HCS and GB, as well as just to have some grind buds!


I am looking for like-minded people who have knowledge of the game, including spawns, power weapon expertise, and a good shot. All the information on requirements and times are listed below:



  • Mic

  • Discord

  • Proven Skill

  • No Current Team

  • Good Attitude

  • Able To Take Constructive Advice

  • Available For 3-5 Practices Per Week (Times Below)

Bonus points for...

  • HCS Pro Points

  • Twitch Audience

  • YouTube Audience

  • Previous Halo Experience (H:CE - H4)

Time Zones & Times:

  • EST: M-F (10am - 3pm; 11:30pm - 2am), Sat-Sun (Various)

  • PST: M-F (7am - 12pm; 8:30pm - 11pm), Sat-Sun (Various)


To apply, add 'Chegros' on Xbox Live, and send a message letting me know you're interested in joining the team. From there, we'll run a few games in the time blocks stated above and we'll go from there! I look forward to seeing each and every one of you on the battlefield!

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Hey. My names Paul, or superslashing12 on live(don't ask what it means, because I don't know either- made it when I was 14). I've been playing halo since halo 2. I don't exactly know spawns - always played solo or with friends who weren't playing to be competitive. I'm pretty good with the sniper. The only possible problem is the times of playing. Starting on the 6th I'll be working nights 7 pm to 7 am EST, but have a strange schedule - don't work M-F.

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