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To2 for HWC with 600 points

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I'm a To2 with xo Damage with 600 combined points. We are looking to compete in all online qualifiers, GBs, and any online tourney we can.


Looking for dedicated players who can game at least 4/5 times a week for at least 3 hours a day, who have positive attitudes/mindsets, good communication/listening, can give/take constructive criticism and want to improve and get better as a team.


We are running games tonight around 9:30 pm est till at least 1am. We want to run with a few groups for at least an hour each. All depends on how everything goes. We plan to do arena and GBs. We are also running games tomorrow night and making a decision by the end of tomorrow night.


If interested in running post here or message and add/follow us on twitter or xbox.


Twitters: @@Veronickuhhhh, @xo_damage

GTS:Veronickuhhh, xo Damage

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tried hitting yall up, gohanthesaiyan

Sorry. We weren't ignoring you. We've had a lot of responses. We are still willing to run with people who have already asked us. We have a to2 we are running with first tonight and we had good games with them the other night but are just checking out our options. We are running with those guys first for awhile and then we will inviteothers. I'll add you if I already haven't and i'\ll message/invite when we need one.

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hit me up if interested. 

GT: L ChomP L 


really dedicated already going to ohio 

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I'll probably be on tonight if you are still trying people. I already have 1 other teammate tho.


GT: Sevennn

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