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Reborn Knights are looking for 2 for HCS Season

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Hello there my name is Nick "Phantasy" and I'm the captain of Reborn Knights (www.twitter.com/RebornKnights) and we are looking for two to complete our 2015/2016 HCS Roster,


If you are interested in joining please contact me here or on twitter @rK_Phantasy and we can talk more from there.Thank you and have a nice day -Nick "Phantasy"

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Was ranked in onyx in everything but breakout (d5).


Setup: benq monitor, elite controller, astro headset.


Gaming schedule: mon, tues, Thursdays 6-12 pm est. weekends vary.


I like to use kik chat to stay in touch offline n talk strats.


Looking for a high skilled team.


My buddy is same info as me.


Also we ranked 4th and 5th on halotracker for PA n top 100 in US


Gt: L ChomP L

Buddy gt: MuulemanGoesHam

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Have a team of 2 we are both onyx (1770, 1650) open availability and really want to grind out games to get good for the tournaments. Hit me up on live Antmania L if interested.

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I'm down to run. My GT is EF5 Albino. I will be out of town for a bit because of holidays and road closures though. I am normally on pretty regularly though.

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