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LF 1-2 for serious team

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Eternal Burn is recruiting 1-2 more members. Looking for serious teammates to go over matches/scrims and work on strats.


I got all the proper gear to go pro. Benq, stream setup, elite controller, capture card. Just need a SOLID team. Want to enter multiple ladders n tournaments.


Must haves to tryout.


- make 3 weekday practices (mon tues thurs after 6pm)

- at least one on weekends (times vary)

- KiK messenger. Always thinking halo n I love to chat about it at work.

- at least onyx in arena and decent stats.

- know the call outs n advanced halo maneuvers.

- GOOD attitude. We will lose a few matches. Learn. Talk about it and advance. I don't need salty teammates.


Hit me up on here or on xbox GT: L ChomP L



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Ya kinda set but we are on till late. Maybe use ya on late games. Idk add me n we can talk about it.

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bumping. still need 2 really dedicated ppl 

Looking for a serious team, add me tS Goose. I'm EST so ill be late tonight.

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