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Arsonist needs Ideas for his Show!

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Hey Ladies and Genital Men,


So I started a Youtube Series called Arsunist Talks which has gotten some good feedback right out of the gate. A special someone told me he liked it :D  :gandhi:

So anyway cutting right to the chase, I need more things to talk about in the future. I get ideas of what I need to talk about right before I go on but I am just preparing for the day when I run out of topics. I will also do shout outs to people I feel deserve it and of course take any topic if its not to ridiculous.


So guys and gals, this is what I offer to you. Give me some topics and I will squeeze them in every show. 



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Love it bro keep up the good work! You could also talk about small tournaments being run by member's of the community. For example, Outright Gaming ran a tournament which held 32 teams today.

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