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WaldoX, reduM, and BaDNeWs need 1!

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Hey all, U sepaR redruM here. Whats up to all my H2 OGs, esp circa '06! We're looking for a well rounded fourth to compete in the online ladder of HCS. Must have tournament experience with at least semi-pro placing, and be dedicated to practicing 4-6 times/week with some additional time dedicated to studying video. The three of us have years of tourney experience, strong placings, a long history of playing together, and have been grinding H5 since release. The roster currently is


4v4: top 32 DC 05, 25th Orl 06, 20th NY 06; 17th 2010
FFA: 18th NY 06, 20th Chi 06, top 32 overall 2006 season

nominated Scion player of the year '06
4v4: top 16 NY 06, top 32 Chi, top 32 Orl
FFA: 10th NY 06, 4th Chi 06, 9th overall 2006 season

BaDNeWs (Arkial)
4v4: atl 05, meadowlands 06, dallas 06, chitin 06, orlando 06, top 64 placings
FFA: top 64 chi 06My tag is M for redruM now, add or msg me if youre interested, or if you just wanna scrim. see you online,


I just copied and pasted this for Murder please contact him!

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Played Competitive Halo 3 And Went To MLG Dallas 08 Placed 34th With My Team Then. I stopped for reach and halo 4 and picked up halo 5 with the drive to get back up there.

I'm looking for another solid team now that wont give up on the little things but always striving to be better. I have great communication and easy to get along with. I have loads of time on my hands available around the clock for tryouts and practice. I can do whatever is needed for the team. I'm mainly a Slayer/Obj player but can be versatile to whatever is needed.

2000+ In arena

Gt: Patton L 14 L

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Played competitively in Halo: Reach, went to Dallas 2012 and played LBR7. Looking for a team, I'd be more than happy to get a couple of games in with y'all and see how good of a chemistry were able to come up with.




gt= Isacc V

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