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Fu Geri

Experienced To3 Needs 1!!!

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Zach, Joy, and I need 1 for anything and everything. We all have event experience and expect the same.


Know the call outs, set ups, and how to use team work.


Dedication and being able to play is a must. Along with taking/giving criticism and taking a loss. Williing to go over things etc


We play everyday from 7pm est to 12.


Hit us up to run. GT's: ohh FuGeri, Zach the One, Joy Iniesta

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Still looking for a 4th? I'm interested in running games. I'm available just about anytime.



GT: VAValoo

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I'm having practice time conflicts with my current team and it seems I'd fall right into your schedule.  I'll be on all night and trying to find a team to run ladder games with asap to prep for the tournaments.  Shoot me a message tonight if you're still looking to run games "i aM oCTaNe"

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My team just dissolved, I play from 7pm till 1am every week night. I know my callouts, set ups, and have been playing halo since 2002 so I know teamwork. Msg me back on here or XBL @ Ben HaMbUrGl3r

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