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Dedicated To3 looking for 1

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Dedicated To3 underneath @SourGamingPro looking to run with potential 4ths


-Be Good

- Know how to take a an L and learn from the mistakes

-Be on everyday and ready to grind and get better

-Know call outs and be vocal

-And all around a fun person to hang out with


We need to get this team finalized before HCS online ladder starts dec.6 will be running with people for the next week for more info or questions DM @Sour_Finessed


Serious players only!!

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Patton L 14 L

Got plenty of experience and know what need to be done and how to take a loss im on all the time and need a team just like me message me and we'll run  

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GT: TooLavish

I'm sure you guys want to know my schedule as it's a little weird. I'm on the west coast in Cali and work at a restaraunt. Usually 5-10pm ish 4 days a week. I have wed/thu/sun off so ill have no problem playing in every online cup.



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Gt: Gun swipe, dedicated player who's on all the time and had played competitive halo since early halo 3. Used to run with a lot of semi pros.

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I'm interested in running. If you're down to run/ interview, my

GT is below.

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