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Hype eSports Looking for 1!

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Whats up everyone, We (T Bone, Swick and Buddha) are looking for 1 dedicated player that want to start something big. We are looking to practice 3-4 times a week and actually run Team Scrims during that time.


Here is what we are looking for:


Able to practice 4+ times a week (more if needed)

Strong communication skills

Adaptive mindset - Halo 5 is a new game and feel / play style

Positive outlook and strong competitive nature

Keeps cool under when it counts and plays for the "W" not the KDA



We are looking at building a team from the ground up. There will be tough games and tough loses. We plan to take every loss and figure out why we lost and how to improve on it. We want to be a great team that is know for its competitive nature and all around skill as a team. 


If you are interested in at least running some games and seeing how things feel or 100% interested please post here AND message me saying you want to run games with HYPE


Me:  T Bone24rr


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Long time comp player willing to practice 2-6 a day at least. Add me gt:Gun Swipe. Or dm on twitter/gunswipe

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GT: RayneMan 44


I'm down to play with you guys. Soloing arena hasn't been a lot of fun lately. 


Let me know if you wanna play.



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I'm interested in running. If you're down to run/ interview, my

GT is below.

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