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Experienced Players Only F/A

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Looking to join or start a HCS team. Gamertag is - MrSideShot. I've been playing competitively since 2008. Been to 5 events (2 h3, 2 HR,1 H4) I won't dissapoint.


Perfer- Players who play 10pm till late

dank t - Don't rage

dank t - can keep a set schedule

dank t - plays 4 times a week at least


Serious players only, no kids sorry :/

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Also an F/A been playing competitively since H3, down to run some games if you are. GT: Nurzo

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all of you in this thread seem pretty solid, hit me up if you guys need a 4th or wanna put something together. i play all the time and have been playing halo competitively since h3. gt: im vizoxin

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