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Rank All Halo Multiplayer Experiences on 1-10 Scale

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Halo CE: 8.5/10 - This game got me hooked, I could never stop playing it.

Halo 2: 8/10 - Going from Halo CE to halo 2 I was quite disappointed as I was a big fan of the Pistol, but eventually I came around and fell in love with the BR.

Halo 3: 9/10 - This is the game that I couldn't put down - I pretty much lost my life on this from 2007 - 2009, yes it has it's flaws, but overall what a game this was.

Halo Reach: 6/10 Even with NB/NS, just not a fan

Halo 4: 5/10 - Played it socially, that's all, Everything about this game was just really boring and not halo.

Halo 5: I've already traded it in, does that say enough?.

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Halo CE: 9 - I think no Halo will ever be as memorable!

Halo 2: 8 - good stuff but nothing like HCE, still think its map selection was rather weak (with some exceptions)

Halo 3: 9 - had a great time playing Splitscreen, artdesign was the best to date!

Halo R: 6 - campaign and artdesign were OK, didn't enjoy the gameplay/MP and I cannot remember one good map

Halo 4: 4 - campaign was somewhat OK, artdesign, gameplay and MP sucked so did the maps

Halo 5: 6-7 - at least its fun to play IF you're not matching a TO4/playing on US servers, balance and maps leave room for improvement but nowhere near as bad as HR/4

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This is all multiplayer and biased due to my 43 years on this planet.  The campaign I don't care about.


Halo CE: 6 - I started at H2 and I can't comprehend the majesty people talk about.  I admit to being ignorant here.

Halo 2: 10 - Most social game ever, Pulled me from pc fps games and I never went back.  Only downer for me was the noob combo's dominance at my skill level.  

Halo 3: 9 -  loved it, loved the pro scene at the time

Halo R: 7 - I enjoyed it.  Loved the grenade launcher and jetpacking but watching the community die sucked.

Halo 4: 6 - I played a bunch of MP and even won a copy of burnout paradise in the FFA championship thing.  Too bad forge maps were mostly laggy.

Halo 5: 8 - I play daily.  Like the movement and having lots of viable weapons to choose from.  High hopes for improved maps and a working forge.

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H:CE - 8/10 (Was too young to play at the time. Playing it now, the campaign is really good)

H2 - 7/10 (Again, too young to play at the time. MCC version, I feel like I had to play the original to understand multiplayer. Unpopular Opinion: I hate button combos.)

H3 - 9/10 (Picked this game up in 2008 when Cold Storage came out, I spent a lot of time with my friends playing custom games such as Fat Kid, Hurricane Katrina, and Ghost Busters. Good times)

H Wars - 6/10 (I truly understand where the people at made the game were coming from. I only played campaign once and stopped. Only because of the Mythic Map Pack came with the limited edition)

H3: ODST - 7/10 (Campaign is fun and Firefight is fun. My only problem is that lag fucks up the controls, and the $60 price tag is criminal)


People are going to think I'm insane for this:


H: Reach - 10/10 (I spent the most time on this game than I did with H3. DMR felt rewarding when pacing it, Forge improvement, File Browsing, Campaign, and with the addition of TU and Zero Bloom made my experience even more enjoyable. Too bad 343 had to do something great, but fuck up the Playlists.)

H4 - 6/10 (From a casual standpoint the multiplayer is great. However, I will acknowledge that the competitive side got fucked pretty hard. The story is meh. And Forge and Theater Mode to a few steps backwards.)

H5 - 7/10 (Competitive play here is half decent. But fails to cater to casual play. Don't get me wrong, it's an improvement over H4. But New and existing problems from H4 are here. I find the story to be more showing than telling. By that I mean 343 fails to explain what the fuck is going on in the story. And the people who marketed Chief as a traitor, go fuck yourself. That was most misleading advertising I've seen for Halo so far. I know updates are going to improve my experience, but this is my stance right now)

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H1: 9

H2: 9

H3: 9.5

HR: 8.5

H4: 3

H5: 7


The original trilogy were my 3 favourite game's ever, so many good memories on them. Reach I enjoyed alot but at the same time it was really frustrating and was the start of the community decreasing. H4 was terrible and basically killed the community. H5 is good, but needs improvements it could be a pretty good Halo game.


Also I'm surprised how highly rated H3 is on here, it does get a shit load of hate on Beyond lol.

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h1: 9.5/10 


h2: rocky start, 6/10, but eventually 10/10. The ranks, playlists, glitches/superjumps, the carnage, oh my.


h3: 10/10. Forge oh my god, theater oh my god, fileshare oh my god, machinimas oh my god, ranks oh my god, 


hr: 5/10. If only playlists got ranks. Forge+file browser was incredible and carried it.


h4: 2/10. no ranks, no fileshare, horrible sounds/medals/ui/ugh, no anything wtf 343


mcc: 1/10 didn't even work, pc ports used as foundation, shot reg horrible, lies upon lies, no dedis


h5: 6/10. No splitscreen are you kidding lmao? that is the halo experience. maybe a bit harsh but since h5 has flaws we've told 343 about since 2011, it affects the score significantly

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H1- 9.5/10

H2- 9/10

H3- 7.75

Reach- Didn't play (Will play campaign eventually with backwards compatibility)

H4- Didn't play

MCC- Lol

H5- 5

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CE- 10. Simple but elegant with endless competitive playability. Still my most played (and yes I mean OG Xboxes, CRTs in the trunk, CAT5 cables and all).


2 - 8. It marked an immediate and fundamental departure from CE; few will remember how controversial it was at launch. But it was still a strong game with great maps and the most copied online infrastructure ever built.


3 - 7. I never got into 3 much so take this with a grain of salt. Its needed utility fully ushered in the concept of "teamshot Halo" and things like equipment began the series shift towards casual gimmicks. Its set of features was incredible and I respect the enormous following it had; I simply didn't enjoy it on a fundamental level.


Reach - 5. This is Bungie's definitive statement on competitive play (namely their distaste for it). Without the saving grace of MLG v7 it would be utterly worthless.


4 - 4. A below average game by a new developer who did not (and sometimes still doesn't) understand Halo's identity. The obvious CoD influence resulted in a soulless game.


5 - 9. Many will disagree with this, and I can't blame them. But at the end of the day, Halo 5 has been the only title I've really invested myself in since CE. I've ditched Halo 2, 3 and Reach to keep playing CE, and when life got in the way of LAN, I gave up the series entirely. Yet I continue to play 5 because despite its flaws I genuinely enjoy it. I watch it diligently because I truly enjoy watching it.

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Halo CE- 9


Halo 2- 9


Halo 3- 7


HR- 5 (DNP)


HR- 4(DNP)


H5- 7.5


I think HCE and H2 are great in their own ways. Different in many fundamental ways, but both have near endless replay-ability for me because I always can improve and learn new things and because the core player traits (movement+aiming) and map design is by far the best in the series. I cant give a 10 to either game though because that would mean "perfect", which I have found doesn't exist in the shooter realm outside of MAYBE Quake 3. The whole HCE vs H2 is sort of like UT 99' and U2k4 in a way, both have key differences and there are people within the community who love/hate them but both are timeless classics in the end.


I am getting my "Arena shooter fix" from UT4 these days though, I think many old-school Halo players would like it(similar fundamentals and unlimited skill ceiling, just alot quicker so sometimes your thinking 4-5-6 steps ahead instead of 1-2-3) and find the mastery aspect of the game greatly refreshing and challenging compared to new shooters. Its a great time to jump into the game when everything is still figuring out how to play, and the game is literally developing from the help of the community every week with new maps and game-types. 5v5 UT CTF/TD is still the GOAT, and has similar fundamentals to team Halo. Sometimes you just need a fresh start, I still play/watch Halo but I recognize that I really only do that to keep up with the scene and play with my roommate. But I tend to play alot of different shooters big and small, I am always looking for the next "Quake 3", "UT2k4" or "H2" but the community or game never seem to come together and continue to develop over the years like they did for those games.

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On comp settings (means I'm not counting customs or all those 16 player crazy games with vehicles flying insane running speeds etc no matter how fun they were)


Halo - 9

Halo 2 - 8

Halo 3 - 7

Reach - 5


The other games I don't know enough about. ODST's firefight was fun. And I've only played one mission in H4's campaign at friends house. I don't even own Halo 5 or the new xbox.

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fyi, average of all votes in thread


H1: 8.9
H2 post-patch: 7.9
H3 post-patch: 7.2
Reach (vanilla): 3.7
Reach MLG v7: 6.4
H4: 3.7
H5: 6.7
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CE - 9

H2 - 9.5

H3 - 7.5

Reach - 4 (stopped playing before NBNS dropped though)

H4 - Didn't play

H5 - 7 (could be an 8.0 once better, unique, competitive maps drop & don't look grey & bland or mimic Rig/Fathom/etc , autos/radar are revisited, grenade hit markers are removed, better spectator mode/theater, & Arena sticks with HCS settings/gametypes)

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thanks ... for the record, my original poll had (followed by my vote):


H1 - 9

H2 post-patch - 7

H3 post-patch - 6

Reach (vanilla) - 4

Reach MLG v7 - 8

H4 - 4

H4 on MCC - 7

H5 as of right now - 7.5

H5 if 343 fixes most issues - 9



Just curious what specific fixes are you hoping for to push it to a 9?

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I did this already I think but I want to make some revisions.


Halo ce-9.99/10


Halo 2-8.5/10


Halo 3-8/10


Halo odst-8/10


Halo reach-7/10


Halo 4-1/10


Halo 4-5/10

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Just curious what specific fixes are you hoping for to push it to a 9?


sort of like a dream scenario where they nerf autos, provide a wide variety of playlists (including classic settings), true social, a custom games browser, release a ton of original maps over the next year, add party restrictions, fix the v-sync issue with aiming, add new warzone gametypes, etc.  realistically I doubt the game will ever be an 8 (imo), but it's conceivable that by mid-2017 we'll have a complete H5 without any serious issues.  

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Halo CE: N/A (only played it in MCC, which was a ton of fun, but, ya know....MCC)

Halo 2: 9

Halo 3: 7

Halo: Reach: 4 (the ZBNS part brings this up from about a 2)

Halo 4: 2

Halo 5: 7


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Halo CE: Never played online besides MCC.

Halo 2: 7.5/10

Halo 3: 9/10

Halo Reach: 7.5/10, I actually really enjoyed it even without ZBNS.

Halo 4: 4.5/10

Halo 5: 6.5/10 haven't gotten a chance to play too much, though. 

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h1 - 9

h2 - 9

h3 - 5

hr - 4

nbns hr - 6

h4 - 2

h5 - current state - 5? could be a 6 or 7 with tweaks IMO (obvious improvement with radar out etc.)

The man says remove radar!! It shall be done!!!


ahem, anyway:


H1 - 8 (came into the game late)

H2 - 9

H3 - 6

HR pre patch - 3

HR post patch - 5

H4 - 1 I tried SO HARD to like this game.  Played way more than i should have

H5 - 6.  Could be 7 or 8 imo with tweaks to auto's, radar and a TRUE reversion to the Beta aiming (but keep the extra tuning mechanics)

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