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Rank All Halo Multiplayer Experiences on 1-10 Scale

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1 = terrible, 10 = perfection


I'm curious about TB's general opinion on this, because it's hard to tell what the silent majority thinks ... especially in terms of H5 versus previous entries in the series



average of all votes in thread:


H1: 8.9

H2 post-patch: 7.9

H3 post-patch: 7.2

Reach (vanilla): 3.7

Reach MLG v7: 6.3

H4: 3.6

H5: 6.7





also, according to the only person on earth who has played all six games at the highest competitive level (Ogre2, who voted below):


H1: 9
H2: 9
H3: 5
Reach (vanilla): 4
Reach MLG v7: 6
H4: 2
H5: 5, could be 6-7 with fixes
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Halo CE - 9


Halo 2 - 8


Halo 3 - 7


Default Reach - 5


MLG V7 Reach - 8


Halo 4 - 6


Halo 5 - 9


Kinda funny that I like the oldest and newest Halo about the same.

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CE - 9/10


H2 - 7/10 (only played MCC version)


H3 - 8/10   (a little biased)           


Reach - 7/10     


the 4 -----> 5/10


H5 - 9/10 


all post patch, and from a multiplayer perspective.



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CE- 9

2- 8.5

3- 7.5

Reach- 6.5 (if you asked me in 2010 I would have said 3-4 but Halo 4 put it into perspective for us)

4- 3

5- 6.5-7.5, undecided

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CE (nostalgia glasses) - 9

Nothing more fun than playing this game with friends at one another's house.

CE (revisited) - 7

To me, it didn't age well.

2 - 8

Great 4v4 and BTB experience across the board, but a little lacking in symmetrical map design.

3 - 6

Awful online experience, but the best map design in the series.

Reach (Bloom) - 3

Shit maps, shit mechanics, but amazing weapon+vehicle sandbox for BTB

Reach (No Bloom) - 5

Removing one shit mechanic didn't salvage bad maps.

4 - 2

More shit mechanics, worse maps.

H2A - 5

Consistent weapons, but nothing stands out.

5 - 8

Best 4v4 experience in the series imo, but no BTB yet makes me sad.

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  • CE - 9.5/10
  • H2  7/10
  • H3 - 6.5/10
  • Default Reach - 4/10
  • Reach v7  - 8/10
  • Halo 4 - 5/10
  • Halo 5 - waiting until later for this one *edit*: 6/10
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  • CE - 9.9/10
  • H2  8/10
  • H3 - 7/10 (MLG settings)
  • Default Reach - 5/10
  • Reach v7  - 8/10
  • Halo 4 - 3/10
  • Halo 5 - From beta experience and what I've seen in vids, 5/10
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As far as pure gameplay goes:

CE: 10/10
H2: 9/10
H3: 8/10
HR: 7/10
H4: 6/10
H2A: 7/10
H5: 8/10

As far as gameplay experience (Memorable moments with friends, actual satisfaction, etc.) goes:

CE: 9/10
H2: 7/10
H3: 10/10
H3ODST: 8/10 (Firefight was so good.)
HR: 9/10 (Forge was great. As well as completing Challenges.)
H4: 5/10
H2A: 4/10
H5: 8/10 (At the moment, will change with time.)

I honestly appreciate Halo 4 in MCC wayyy more than the original game. I'm not sure if it's because of 60fps, more maps, or the lack of ordinance, but Halo 4 was honestly my go-to game in MCC. The 360 version was also honestly pretty fun, just not balanced, (Ordinance snowball...) or interesting enough for my friends to keep playing. And playing Halo 4 by yourself is a miserable experience.

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CE - 9/10 (Nostalgia goggles)

CE Revisited - 8/10 (Far from perfect, but so damn enjoyable)

H2 Pre-Patch - 6/10

H2 - 7/10

H3 - 6/10

Reach Vanilla - 5/10

Reach v7 - 7/10

H4 - 5/10

H5 - 8/10 (Most fun I've had playing this game since CE, and easily the best out of box experience since CE)



Halo 5 is interesting. It's damn enjoyable despite having lackluster generic maps and can grow dull at times, but it's mechanics make up for it big time. Given that we'll be having a ton of free DLC coming over the next year, it should keep it's sheen for a good while. Also stoked for Forge when it ships.

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I'm ranking these from what I remember at the time I first played them and then after they got some updates.


Halo CE - 9/10 

The good ole days when the only way to play online was through xbox connect, and lugging way too heavy TVs to friends houses to set up LAN parties.


Halo 2 - initial impression was maybe a 4/5. Default it was garbage, but post patch I'd bump it to an 8


Halo 3 - 7/8


Reach - I played launch night and the next day and never looked back. 1/2. I didn't even stick around for any of the MLG settings. Years later I re-bought a used copy and played it with no bloom, and I liked it, but I had been out of the Halo loop so long and no one I knew still played Halo, so I didn't have much fun on it at all. Regardless I'd bump it from a 1/2 to a 5/6, and really its only because I didn't play it much.


Halo 4 - Stuck around for a week this time, knew the game had potential, didn't see it coming for a long time. I'd give it a 1/2. Came back when throwdown was announced and kind of enjoyed it, at that point I'd give it a 5/6. But it was too little too late and the population was abysmal and I had to play against germans constantly lol. The lag was insane.


Halo 5 - So far enjoying warzone assault when I want to sit back and listen to music, and when I want to lean forward and play arena I'm finding matches to be competitive and fun. Given the fact that the autos still need a nerf to balance out the map design (more openness to maps would negate needing a nerf at all imo, its the fact that every fight is in the AR's effective range that makes them so overbearing in the first place), and lack of forge/btb currently, I'd rank it currently at a 7, with the possibility (all up to 343) to go to a 9 with a couple weapon balance updates and features added back in.

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Ever since I started playing Halo CE about a year ago or so go when MCC came out my entire perspective on the games in the Halo series has changed and now I can't enjoy playing the other Halo games without being forced to notice their glaring flaws/issues. Basically playing Halo CE has spoiled me and now the enjoyment that I used to get from playing the other Halo games has been ruined. I've become jaded towards the other Halo games so please don't be that surprised by my ratings for them.


  • Halo CE: 9.5/10
  • Halo 2: 4/10
  • Halo 3: 3.5/10
  • Default Halo Reach: 1/10
  • MLG V7/Gold pro settings for Halo Reach: 6.5/10
  • Halo 4: 1/10
  • Halo 2 A: 1/10
  • Halo 5 in it's current form: 4/10. This rating might change in the future if the game gets some better settings for competitive play. Who knows, maybe some kind of Halo CE esque settings for Halo 5 will make me interested in playing the game.
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lol, I spent 10 minutes making an elaborate poll which didn't show up ... I guess I can't make polls.  Delete this post if you like, mods

Turns out we can't support more than 5 questions in a single poll so I could only fit Halo: CE, Halo 2 Classic, H3, H4 and H5 in there. I'll remove the poll I just added and let users reply with all Halo titles currently out.

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H1: 9.5/10


H2: 7/10


H3: 5/10


Vanilla Reach: 2/10


v7 Reach: 7/10


H4 -1/10


MCC: -1th/10


H5: 7/10 (will go up if the sandbox gets it's shit together)

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CE - 3/5

4 (Legendary/Turbo) - 3/5


It's shit like this that makes me die a little inside when I read one of your posts.


CE - 9/10

2 - 7/10

3 - 6/10

4 - 3/10

5 - 7/10

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It's shit like this that makes me die a little inside when I read one of your posts.


CE - 9/10

2 - 7/10

3 - 6/10

4 - 3/10

5 - 7/10


i've already peeped his agenda from day 1....

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CE: 10/10 (Got me into Halo. Great competitive game even though I never played it competitively when I was younger however I appreciate a good competitive game when I see it still haven't gotten the chance to learn this game to the fullest extent though. Has projectiles which is the most important thing to make a game take skill in a console shooter imo.)


Halo 2: 9/10 (Never played it online until MCC came out, when I was younger I always preferred CE over this game for some reason, Great maps like Sanctuary and Midship, bullet magnetism was too high though and hitscan made it even easier, button glitches were cool and increased the skill gap, favorite campaign tied with Halo 3)


Halo 3: 10/10 (Favorite game of all time, Got me into competitive Halo, and brought back projectiles which made the game take more skill. Matchmaking was addicting, Amazing maps like The Pit, Construct, and Narrows. Best campaign tied with Halo 2, So many good memories from custom games over 4000 custom games played on my main account alone)


Halo Reach Default: 3/10 (Bloom was the worst thing that was ever added to Halo. Easily the worst Halo Game. Also maps were trash. However, Forge world was cool and spawned fun custom games.)


Reach V7: 6/10 (Huge improvement from default Reach however I still didn't like how this game played out, almost every map was forged)


Halo 4: 4/10 (Nothing good came out of this game besides the main utility weapon not having bloom, custom games sucked, massive downgrade in features compared to Reach)


Halo 2 Anniversary: 7/10 (What Halo 4 should have been just needed more maps, aim assist slightly too high, not enough playlists were revolved around this game, was still pretty fun to play overall, probably the last classic Halo game we will get if Halo 3 Anniversary doesn't get made in 2 years.)


Halo 5: Can't say because I've lagged every game I have played so far but I guess that counts as an experience however I'm going to be generous and hold off on voting until they fix these servers. 

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Turns out we can't support more than 5 questions in a single poll so I could only fit Halo: CE, Halo 2 Classic, H3, H4 and H5 in there. I'll remove the poll I just added and let users reply with all Halo titles currently out.



thanks ... for the record, my original poll had (followed by my vote):


H1 - 9

H2 post-patch - 7

H3 post-patch - 6

Reach (vanilla) - 4

Reach MLG v7 - 8

H4 - 4

H4 on MCC - 7

H5 as of right now - 7.5

H5 if 343 fixes most issues - 9

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