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Rank All Halo Multiplayer Experiences on 1-10 Scale

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H1: Hardly played on LAN. Only played campaign with friends.

H2: 9

H3: 7.5

Default Reach: 5

Post patch Reach: 7

H4: 3

MCC: 1

H5: 7 I'm hope more patches will make this game more enjoyable for me.

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Halo CE: 9


Halo 2: LAN - 10 / Online - 9


Halo 3: LAN - 9 / Online - 8


Halo Reach: Bloom - 4 / No Bloom No Sprint - 6


Halo 4: 1


Halo 5: 3  


Halo 5: In the future No Radar, No Sprint, No Autos, No Spartan Charge, No Ground Pound, No Impulse Triggers, Solo Q Option, Better ranking system - 8

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Halo CE: 9


Halo Online: 9


Halo 2: 8


Halo Reach v7: 8


Halo 3: 7


Halo 5: 6


Halo Reach: 5


Halo 4: 4

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HCE: 10

H2 : 10

H3 : 8

HR : 7

H4 : 5

H5 : 9


Halo has been my go to game since 2002 and I've waited at midnight for each one since H2. I think H5 is as good of an experience for me as H2, and might be better of more of my old friends played.

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Halo CE 10/10

Halo 2 10/10

Halo 3 8/10


Halo 4 2/10

Halo 5 5/10


Halo 5 is a okay game but only five ranked playlists?!? You got to be joking. Also the banning system is ********. If you lose connection to the servers, even in post game, it's counted as a quit. I will give it a higher rank when it gets fixed.

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H1: 8/10


H2 pre-patch: 7/10


H2 post-patch: 9.5/10


H3: 5/10


Reach: 3/10


H4: 2/10


H5: 7.5/10

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H1 - 8

H2 - 9

H3 - 7

Reach - 2

Post Patch Reach - 6

H4 - 1

H5 - 2


I've definitely lived through every age of the game as far as LANing goes. Didn't get into the competitive scene until Halo 2 though. That being said, as far as overall experience Halo 5 would probably be up there with post patch Reach, maybe and I mean maybe Halo 3 with a better matchmaking system, more playlist, social matches, no fucking ground pound and spartan charge, and the ability to play competitive games without radar. Everything combined though makes Halo 5 one of the worst overall experiences for me. I'm surprised I haven't deleted the game already to be honest.

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Halo 1 - 9.5

Halo 2 - 8

Halo 3 - 9

Halo reach 2 - least fun i have ever had in a halo.

Halo 4 - 6.5 much better than reach, in my opinion, had obvious flaws but I still enjoyed it.

H2A - 4 - couldn't play this game for very long, with only 3 competitive maps.

Halo 5 - 7.5, 

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Hce- 9.5

H2- 8.5

H3- 8

Reach- 5.5


H5- 8

Want to change mine



H2- 8.5



H4- 1

H5- 6.5

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I think post patch Reach and post patch H4 deserve to be distinguished.  Both games became WAY better after their patches.

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I think post patch Reach and post patch H4 deserve to be distinguished. Both games became WAY better after their patches.

I think it's just hard for a lot of people to rank them because they had stopped playing those games by the time the patch hit.

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H1: 10/10.  
Played LANs, local tournaments in high school, all through college, PC, MCC before H5, and still a few times a month to this day.  Forget Halo specifically, there never has been and most likely never will be another video game that feels this fluid and natural for me.  Also my biggest Halo claim to fame, my doubles partner and I were up on Roy and Lunchbox in Beyond's 2v2 MCC CE tournament in a game of Chill Out for a bit.  Lost to them in the end, but felt good to force them to sweat a bit :)


H2: 9/10.  
Call me crazy, but I never though H2 looked as good as H1.  Didn't have a cohesive feel, texture scheme, colors, smooth animations, etc.  H1 was simpler, and played to those strengths.  That said, almost everything about H2's gameplay I thought were positives (albeit quite different from H1).  I never liked that Halo went in the direction of lock on melee lunge and lost the straight up melee H1 had, but everything else, BR, map size, button glitches, objective types, etc., H2 did right.


H3: 8/10.  
This might actually be my favorite MCC game.  I wish H3 could get the true anniversary treatment with dedicated servers.  Again, call me crazy, but I honestly liked projectile BR with a looser spread, and if it was on dedi's with today's connection speeds, I think there's a predictable, learnable skillgap to evolve out of it.


Reach: 6/10.  
My least favorite by far, the first Halo to really not feel correct to me.  I wasn't as against armor abilities on the whole as everyone else, but some were just wrong IMO (armor lock mainly).  Going back to this on 360 a few months ago, I have to admit it was enjoyable.  Also, fantastic custom game support, lobbies etc., it just released at a weird time in my life.  I honestly didn't hate bloom either, seemed like a mechanic that could have been used to force rate of fire changes for distance, but Bungie was crucified for it.


H4: 9/10.  
Super against the grain here, and probably the highest score it's received in this poll.  I was coerced to come back into H4 post patch by a few old Halo buddies who were getting on a night or two a week for something to do, since nothing else Halo was really going on.  It evolved into a group of my now closest friends, who by the end of H4's lifecycle were all working towards top 1% and better spots on HaloTracker, huge facebook message groups with map strat screenshots and google docs with position writeups and strategies.  Many many consider H4 to be the series low point, but towards the end we were all mostly playing legendary slayer anyway, and those who stuck around in the top 1k could hold their own against the large majority of players in any iteration of the series.  H4 is what truly taught me about communication and teamwork in Halo.
EDIT: Also, go back and play H4 now, and it feels like an early H5 beta in a ways.  It's obvious that it was a learning experience for 343, and they took a lot of criticism to heart.


H5: Currently 7-8/10.  

I haven't 100% fallen in love with H5 yet.  I play a few nights a week with the same group of guys from H4, and on a whole we're pretty decent.  Halo 5 is just such an entirely different beast.  I've never been a four shot BR king, and my aim is definitely my biggest weakness in H5.  I've had control and sensitivity crises since the beginning, but the Memories of Reach update seems to be helping a bit.  I don't really care for the season setup, as the month long chance to rank up just means regardless of my ability to beat higher ranks, the only way I can prove that I can do it is by doing it two hundred times a month, every month.  However, I'm a huge fan of the movement mechanics, and I'm just waiting on the point where I finally settle on a decent control setup where I'm comfortable and really dig into higher level play.

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You can tell that the honeymoon phase was real when a lot of people posted their H5 scores in this thread. 

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h1 - 9

h2 - 10

h3 - 2

reach - 6 (nbns saved this game)

h4 - 2

h5 - 5

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You can tell that the honeymoon phase was real when a lot of people posted their H5 scores in this thread. 


I like H5 more now than I did back then, tbh

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I'd rate H5 as the my favourite in the series now.


It's funny because I was told the only reason I was putting H5 higher than the original trilogy was because of the honeymoon phase.

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You can tell that the honeymoon phase was real when a lot of people posted their H5 scores in this thread. 

I went from my honeymoon straight to a divorce. Have not touched this game since late November or early December.


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Halo CE:      Didn't play competitively but mechanics and maps make it a 8/10

H 2:              mechanics, maps, overall experience 9/10

H 3:              br, net code issues but still great arena shooter and great social experience 7.5/10

H R Vanilla:  Pretty bad 4/10

H R V 7:       Better mechanics but still sluggish (slow strafe mostly) maps very mediocre, forge maps ugly 6/10

H 4:              Overall a bad game, bad mechanics, maps....3/10

H 5:              Stuck to not buying it after two disappointments but played and watched a little: liking thruster, sprint not sure, maps medicore overall seems 6.5 or 7/10

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