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[F/A] Looking for ESL Halo Team!!

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GT: Chegros

I'm looking for a fun, but serious team with chemistry and talent. I want to compete in the weekly cups as much as possible and try our hand at HCS.

I'm a strong obj. offense/defense player. My specialty weapons are mid-range scoped weapons such as the BR, DMR, and Carbine. I'm solid with my Magnum. I don't do too much in the way of Power Weapons, but I'll grab Hydra or Rockets if they're up! My weaknesses are heavy slaying (I never get more than 15 kills on average) and sniping. I can hit body shots, but headshots are few and far between with a Sniper in my hand.

I'd love to play with anyone looking to form a team, or recruit me! Message me on XBL telling me you're from ESL and want to run!

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