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Clear Enemy Halo Looking For 2

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What I'm looking for



- 2 Players

-Open minded Players

-17+ (Opened To 15 and older)

- Must Be Able to Use Skype

-Must Be Able to Use Party Chat



-Criticisms Friendly


I'm looking for a team that I can view for long term (end goal) but if that can't happen I don't mind playing with as many people as I can, I'm just looking for open minded player who are willing to lose and win trying new things if it works it work if it doesn't we can take a break and rethink our plans and eventually getting the chemistry up to a level where we can change up our game mid game. Also looking for this to go beyond than just halo player I want to eventually grow like a family and be to trust my team in and outside of the game. I feel its been a big issue to a lot of my old teams. They just couldn't trust each other I'd rather you lie and trust that teammate in scrims and make the issues happen than their than where it matters the most. I'd also prefer positive player who go about it well "we did this wrong but we can do this to make it better" instead of going about it "we suck' and add nothing to what we could improve on.

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Hey I'm very interested. Meet all the requirements and have event experience. Message me here or on xbox. GT: kVizard

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Hmu if your looking for all of those qualities and more..been posting too much so trying to keep it short..since ppl like to post thier rankings ill say im in champs n oynx everything else but got plenty tourney exp going back to h3 n losing to CLG last thing i did (h2A) hmu or pass me up..about done with these fourms


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