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H5 multiplayer Tac-jump/trick index

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How you move around and traverse a map has always been super important in halo. This thread is for sharing and discussing tactical jumps, spots and helpful tricks you've found to possible improve the way people play and obviously to learn yourself. I will start it off with my own videos and will be updating regularly but feel more than welcome to post your own videos in this thread. Post both new ones or you putting ones others have posted to good use.





Lets kick this off with Plaza. I've found some I feel are very useful and some that are just plain obvious that you may have missed. Enjoy!



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Great video! I'd love to watch more of these! I held the opinion that clamber was going to remove a lot of skilled based jumps. While I still dislike a clamber ability in Halo, these go to show that there are still skill based jumps that don't require clamber or other abilities. Gonna go give these a shot myself..


I haven't found many myself though.. a really obvious one on Rig is in Tower/Rail 2. There's a little attic window that I see people get up into by doing some sort of stabilize or GP cancel to clamber, but it only requires a crouch jump.



edit: at 46 seconds you jump to top sniper by using the rail for a tiny height boost, but it looks like you can clamber that same ledge from OS bridge without using the little rail.

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Regret added!





I have a rig video coming out one these days but feel more than welcome to post your own in here too! This is for sharing in general, I know I likely didn't get all of them!




Yep. Thank you. I am personally staying away from spring jumping for 2 reasons. 1. It seems to be less consistent than in previous games and may not be worth-while showing the common audience. Ad 2. Because anyone who is able to do them consistently will probably be able to point out where to use them without help. :) I do use crouching the video, I love the way it was made to give you a slightly bigger reach rather than just binging up the legs. And for stabilizing, I will use them here in there if I find ones particular useful but I'll be staying away from the combos I see other people doing every so often because tey usually leave you stranded in theair to be killed. Haha, but again, Id love for anything to be put in the thread by other if the person feels they will be helpful to others.

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