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F/A looking for team or to start a team

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Looking for a group wanting to do Arena, gamebattles, HCS and upcoming tournaments. Been out of practice for awhile but looking to dedicate to h5. Haven't really competed since h3 though h5 is a different monster then halo was back then. I'm not looking for perfection just a team to grind with and grow as a unit. H5 really is about teamwork and it's going to take a bit of time to reach a high level. Oynx in two play lists but who isn't in ffa and swat. Also a d1 in breakout and a d6 in slayer. If that matterse look at my service record for k/d. I believe mcc was a 1.7 something and 5 is a 1.6 with a 1.34 in arena I think. Though I don't believe k/d matters too much thought I would put it here anyway. Just be open minded and be ready to critique each other's playstyle so we can all get better.


Gamer tag. l Wolfen l

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add me to run games


ive been around since 2008, done with school and can put some time in


I play week nights 10cst-1230cst


T Bone24rr 

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I'm interested. I was out of the halo game for a while as well. Stopped at H3 about halfway through. Looking to get back into the competitive scene


Gt: about 83 Ewoks

Twitter: about83ewoks

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