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brad n toronto

I bought a bass shaker and I'm loving it with H5.

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I've been interested in bass shakers for my home theater for a while. Bass shakers are like a subwoofer but they silently vibrate. Kind of like the rumble in your controller.  They always seemed too indulgent and expensive for what could be a gimmick so I slept on it. Controller rumble I don't like.

They can be way cheaper these days so I bought a setup for under $100 all in and it is amazing.   I game in an office chair via a monitor and a40s. My experience has improved greatly. There are so many deep THX intro like sounds that I never knew existed before. The sniper sounds and feels incredible. Lifts and power weapon pickups mean something now.

I believe I am playing at a lower overall headphone volume but with a much bigger perception of bass. That's a bonus.

Butt-kicker sells a dedicated products that do this which people like. They are more expensive. Mine is a $38 dollar shaker and $32 amp to power it + I needed a 4 pole Y cable for my headphone port. I bolted the shaker to the wooden bottom of my chair and I'm booming now.

I tried it bolted to my couch for movies and I could take it or leave it. It was cool at times but other times it bothered me. For music it was annoying. For games this thing rocks. Treat yourself.

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Any chance you can take a picture of it and post it. I would like to see this tricked out computer chair. The image in my head of it is hilarious. :ghost:


It does sound pretty cool though.

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