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Official F/A Thread

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If you are currently a free agent, post your info down below and I will add you to this list here:



  • @@Tyrant Evil Z F/A, GT: Tyyrant Z
  • @@FiZiKz F/A GT: Fizikz Bruh
  • @ F/A GT: Dallay Lama
  • @@Valo F/A GT: TwitchTV VAValo
  • @tRiviAlol  F/A GT: tRiviAlol 







Make sure to include:


- Your gaming Alias and Event History (If Any)


- What Events you were looking to compete at (Example - AGL Knoxville )


- Post your contact info so people can contact you to run games ( Gamertag, Twitter, etc )

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Looking to compete in the HCS and online events.

I competed in the MLG circuit for Halo 2 and most of Halo 3

25 years old, Living in Denver, CO.

Can travel.

GT: FiZiKz Bruh

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- All HCS Events

- Can travel anywhere

- Very Flexible Scrim Schedule

- 10 years Competitive Halo Exp



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Been playing competitively since H2. Went to several H3 events and got to last AM bracket at San Diego 2008. Didn't play H4/Reach because I joined the military. I'm on every single day grinding, and looking for a dedicated team or a group of good/solid free agents. I know what I"m doing, call outs, have teamwork, and am a good support player. Looking to compete in all events and online tournaments. Looking for like-minded people who know how to play the game well, communicate, and to get better as a team and build chemistry with. 


XBL: tRiviAlol 

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