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MCC these days: worth it?

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You can have my copy for 20 bucks lol

That game is literally gathering dust in a corner.


Edit: Forgot you were from Europe £18.56 rather

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These clips have been posted in the MCC thread nonstop for a year, and yet this sort of thing doesn't happen that often for me or anyone i've talked to on my friends list.  Yes, MCC is somewhat broken and random shit happens (I've had rockets just vanish after I fire them); but in a 10-15 game session, this kind of thing might happen once, so I just laugh about it and move on ... which is something that TB forum users seem unable to do


So much this.


Not trying to downplay the issues, but it's not like every single match has rockets disappearing while falling through the map geometry and textures turning white.


Happens in about 1/20 CE games, in my experience.


On that note: I actually managed to kill someone with a last-second rocket that didn't disappear, probably for the first time in MCC. I didn't think to record it at the time though...

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Yeah, but I wouldn't pay more than 30 bucks for it.


The honeymoon phase for H5 is over and people are currently in the "pretend it's good and shill because they payed 65 bucks for it and also because most of the pros that don't want to get real jobs unless it's for 343 are doing the same, but don't realize they're getting paid to play and you're not so you have no reason to" phase. Not judging, as I can't say I wouldn't do the same, as money can make almost anything better. Just being real (one thing that isn't cool though is the whole banning/timing out people in chat for being the only people who have the balls to be honest for once, but I digress).


Once that's over, the inevitable return of a good chunk of the population to MCC will happen. It's happened with nearly every Halo release dating back to H2.


I'm playing Black Cops 3 and Fallout 4 until then. It's kinda sad how this is the 3rd year in a row that a mainline Halo release has been worse than the CoD release that same year.



BlOps2>H4 (and I didn't even like BO2 that much)



Shame. *FailFish*

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Thinking back, this game was never worth it to be honest.

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